St. Francis Winery Outdoor Film Festival

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For my money not a lot can beat wine and a picnic. Maybe it’s the people I’m usually with or the sunny days but something about that combination brings laughter and joy in my life. It’s tough to beat. That is until I learned that someone had the great idea of adding movie watching to that equation. That someone was St. Francis Winery in Santa Rosa, CA with something called the “Stars Under the Stars” Outdoor Film Festival.

The film festival is its second year and they will be showing a different movie every Thursday night from now to August 18th for free. The movies range from Ferris Beuller’s Day Off to the offbeat wine inspired comedy Sideways. With a description like, “Pack a blanket and picnic and join us on the lawn of our beautiful Sonoma Valley Visitor Center for a movie under the stars” how could I resis.

Larry & Joanne Happy 32nd Wedding Anniversary

Being the movie buff that I am I simply couldn’t resist and it just so happened that their opening night coincided with my parents 32nd wedding anniversary. That was all the incentive I needed to get everyone together to make the drive to the winery on Hwy 12 west of Santa Rosa.

All four of us quickly made camp on their spacious lawn with great views overlooking the valley and its vineyards and promptly started munching on our standard picnic items.

In addition to the movie St. Francis brings in a musical act befitting to the movie while you wait for sun to go down. Before our showing of Big Night the Vegas greats, Gin and Johnny of the Atomic Lounge Show, decided to sing us their favorite lounge and crooner tunes. They even gave a shout out to Larry and Joanne for their anniversary.

If you want relaxing times with friends along with some good wine and movie watching then this is definitely for you. Below is the schedule for the rest of this years film festival and be sure to look for me when you go because I’m definitely going back.

See ya at the next one…