Free Financial Help for Homeowners in Petaluma

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Just caught wind of a great opportunity for homeowners in Sonoma County facing financial difficulties to get free help. The conference, which will include HUD-certified counselors and experts to discuss debt, budgeting and public resources, will happen Saturday, October 2nd. It will be located at San Antonio High School in Petaluma @ 500 Vallejo Street from 11AM-3PM.

The event is being sponsored by COTS, Petaluma People Services Center and the Petaluma Adult School. To set up an appointment with one of the HUD counselors follow the instructions on the home page of the COTS website. See the link above.

If you are facing any sort of financial difficulty with your home please do not be bashful. This is the time to get any sort of help you can. Besides food will be provided and who doesn’t like free food.