Buyers Guide

The Next Big Wave in REO

I hope you’re not sick of all the wet weather talk we’re hearing these days […]

Your Real Estate Agent is Free!

Well, not for everyone. I should re-state that your homebuyer’s agent is free. This is […]

Who Wants to Lower Their Energy Bill?

The California Energy Commission started a statewide program called Energy Upgrade California to help homeowners […]

I Just Lost My Job. Now What?

Today Tim lets you know some options you may have if you lose your job […]

First Time Homebuyer’s Recommend The Sartori Team

Congratulations to Craig and Melissa Lauridsen on the purchase of their first home in East […]

First Time Homebuyer’s Buy Their First House In Petaluma

Today we closed on our clients first house at 645 Albert Way in Petaluma. Congratulations […]

Property in Escrow? Don’t Jeopardize It.

Today in our Buyer’s Brief, Tim warns you of a common mistake home buyer’s make […]

Are You Walking the Walk?

Today in our Buyer’s Brief, Tim tells you go and walk the neighborhood when you […]

Buying a Home is Now Cheaper than Renting

Larry wants to know if you are thinking about renting vs buying your new home? […]

Search for a Home that Fits YOUR Lifestyle in Sonoma County

Today in our Buyer’s Brief, Tim talks searching for a home that fits your lifestyle […]